Grants for Good Fund

Every three months, they share £15,000 between 5 shortlisted projects that have a positive impact on communities, people or the environment. These five charities will all receive a share of £15,000 – the more votes a cause receives, the bigger the donation. Following the vote, the project that receives the most votes will receive a grant of  £5,000, second place £3,500, third place £2,500 and fourth and fifth place will both receive £2,000


Charities and projects are welcome to apply all year round, and your application will be considered in the next funding round. Funding will be awarded every three months, in April, July, October and January, with an application deadline of the 15th of the month before. Eg. for the April round, applications will close on the 15th March, for the October round, applications will close on 15th September.

You must have an average income of under £50,000


Grants for Good

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