Gosling Foundation Limited

The Gosling Foundation support projects in social welfare, especially those focused on children and young adults.

Last year their spending was £1.8 million and made 123 grants

They do not have a website, but information is available from the charity commission website

Miss Anne Yusof
21 Bryanston Street
London, W1H 7AB

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  1. Hello Anne,
    We are rowing group attached to a local Grammar School in Coleraine. We have the Kudos of producing Olympian Rowers. Recently the school amalgamated with the girls Grammar school and we have lots of really enthusiastic girls wanting to row. However we are victims of our own success and are overwhelmed with girls wanting to participate in rowing. This means we need to recruit more volunteers to help teach the girls to row. In addition we need to purchase a training boat, which will cost in the region of £10,000.
    would the Gosling Foundation be interested in funding such an activity?

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