At GoRaise, our mission is to help good causes raise more money, with minimum effort, without costing you a penny.

Simply by asking your employees and supporters to make their everyday online purchases via GoRaise, thousands could be easily raised every year.  And it’s not just for large charities, we are helping sports clubs, churches, PTAs, scouts, brownies, and thousands of other great causes generate extra funds every time they shop online.  If your cause isn’t already listed, you can easily add it.

There are over 2,500 leading UK B2B and B2C retailers, and just to re-iterate, it won’t cost you a penny, it’s the retailer that pays!  Popular retailers include the likes of John Lewis, eBay, Argos, Hotels.com, Thetrainline, Viking, eBuyer, Booking.com, purple parking, Ryman, Moo.com and venere.

So, whether it be hotels, train tickets, IT equipment and stationery, clothes, or even your weekend take away, there will be a GoRaise retailer that will donate to your cause.

The impact? This year alone, £20 billion will be spent online with GoRaise partner retailers.  This means, if everyone made these purchases via GoRaise, £400 million would be generated in donations for good causes just like yours.  We’re not expecting to get anywhere near this total, but a fraction of that will have a significant impact.

It’s easy to register your cause on GoRaise.

Simply go here: www.goraise.co.uk/for-causes

Click ‘Add my cause’ (or choose the cause you’d list to support)

Make your online purchases via GoRaise!


You can make a massive difference with one little click, so next time you buy train tickets, book a hotel, fill up the stationery cupboard or replace the ink cartridges, remember to GoRaise!   Oh, and did we mention it won’t cost you a penny more!

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