GC Gibson Charity

The GC Gibson Charity offers grants of between £1,000 and £10,000 to a wide range of charities. The trustees are all highly involved in various philanthropic activities and priority for support is given to charities that the trustees have previously worked with. However, the trust adds few new charities each year.

For these new applications, the focus is on a particular theme for projects, and they are change this from year to year. They help a diverse range of charities and their choice may be seen as a bit quirky and random but support what appeals to the trustees using a structured process.

They will support capital or product purchases for UK registered charities in the areas of education, of social inclusion, and of physical and mental health for all ages anywhere in the world. They award

10 grants of up to £4,000. The projects that we support should have a maximum cost of £20,000 ie we will not offer a small contribution to a large project.


They will only support smaller charities with income from donations from the public and from Trusts or Foundations of up to £1 million.  https://www.gcgct.org/

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