Funding Eye Fundraising Training in Spring/Summer

All courses are from 10-1, and held in the Arches, Rhayader. The cost is £40 per person or £140 for all four

An introduction to Crowdfunding 28 April For those new to Crowdfunding this course will provide you with the help to get started; from finding the right platform, to planning your campaign and strategies to help make your campaign a success.


Earning more online

18 May

This purpose of this course is to help you communicate with people online and through doing so reach potential donors.  The course combines methods to gain income with tools to maximise donor engagement and understand support behaviour. Tools looked at include; Mailchimp, Canvo, Hashtagify and easyfundraising, analytics..


Major Donors 29 June This is to help you find and engage with potential major donors. Starting with how to find your donors, research them and make an approach.



Psychology of Giving and persuasive writing techniques
27 July
This course looks at the reason people are persuaded to make a donation and how we can use this information when writing applications and appeals. It provides practical tips you can use in future applications to increase your chance of success.


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