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Funding School ( has created a 6 week online and weekly group coaching fundraising course, called The Fundraising Formula specifically for small charity fundraisers seeking ways to unlock and develop new income streams. The course aims to build the confidence and skills of small charity fundraisers, giving you inside tips, tricks and ideas to increase your fundraising success, whilst also helping you create a simple and actionable fundraising strategy.

If you would like to have the tools and knowledge to transform your fundraising and create new income streams for your charity, then ‘The Fundraising Formula’ might be the course for you. Its also a great chance to meet other fundraisers through group learning, many of whom go on to develop ongoing peer support relationships.

Currently offering a 15% discount for our readers, (just use the code TAKE15), the next start dates for the course are the 14th November 2023  and the 23rd January 2024, so it’s ideal if you would like to get your fundraising strategy in place for the new financial year. Commissioned by the Lloyds Bank Foundation, and given a 4.7/5-star rating by participants, and 100% would recommend to a friend.


Rosie is a wonderful trainer. She has great enthusiasm and interest and is very approachable. Funding seems to be magically transformed into a creative endeavour with her. She manages to combine being highly professional with great warmth. She has deep experience and understanding of the needs of small charities“ ***** 


To register for the course please sign up using the following link:

For any queries contact ro********@fu***********.uk

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