Fundraisers Toolbox

Fundraising is essential for all organisations, but often a task taken on reluctantly by people who do not feel that they have the skills or knowledge to be effective or who have found their fundraising success drop in recent years as competition for funding has increased.

Jon Matthews from Funding Eye has over 12 years of experience in fundraising from Charitable Trust and Foundation through to donors and the Internet.

Fundraising can be a steep learning curve, and even for fundraisers with experience there are always new thing to learn. Learning from mistakes, or trial and error can be costly in terms of lost time in securing funds but also demoralising when there are no or poor returns for your investment of resources.

The aim of the course is to share many of the tool, techniques and tips that Jon has learnt over the years to help boost your organisations fundraising success. It will help effectively plan your fundraising to write more effective applications, through to communicating your message effectively to sponsors or to seek funding through the internet.

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