Funding help for small struggling charities

Each year I provide a small amount of pro bono help to smaller charities (typically with an income under £20k) who are really struggling with their funding and finances and unable to afford professional fundraising assistance.

If this is something you could benefit from, please get in touch.  But I can not guarantee to help all those who ask for help.

To help me support more groups I’ve set up a crowdfunding page to raise some money to pay for me to provide this help to small charities –

3 comments on Funding help for small struggling charities

  1. Hello Jon,
    Thank you for your offer of pro bono help.
    I am the chair of the Lewisham Toy Library (Reg. charity 271496).
    Based in the Lewisham shoping centre (South East London), we are operating the shopmobility scheme of that centre.
    For historical reasons, which I would be happy to explain, this side of our activity needs to stay cash positive on its own and we cannot fund it with our Toy library revenue.
    It has been positive up until now but come April, we need to renew the insurance for the mobility scooters and at the moment we have no money to do that. Not being able to renew the insurance would therefore mean closing the service. This scooter hiring scheme benefits around 35 people in our local community. It is tiny but to them it makes a big difference. Some of them would not be able to get out of their house if it was not for us and we are the last link between them and outside.
    The trustees of the Toy Library have a duty to the Toy library members and we tend to focus our energy on finding money for the TL. Nevertheless, it would be heart breaking to close the shopmobility service.
    I would be happy to explain all this to you in further details and with numbers if you thought you might have time to spare for us.
    Thank you for reading.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes,

    Elisabeth Poirel

  2. Hello
    I would be very interested in hearing more about this opportunity. I set up Made With Hope a few years ago, when I was 23, for children living in poverty in rural Tanzania. We are run solely by volunteers and donate 100% of our income to our projects, which our supporters love because they know exactly where their money is going. The downside of our 100% Donation Prophecy is that we’re finding it difficult to grow. So far we’ve raised over £80,000 through community fundraising and some small businesses have donated through mutual friend contacts. I have managed to secure some pro bono help with trust and foundations and we are working hard to send out first applications out this month, which we’re really excited about! I would really love to improve our corporate fundraising and secure a relationship with a business who can donate a good amount of money and we can take them to Tanzania to see our projects and where their money is gone. However, I am not sure how to go about this as it seems it’s often about “who you know”.

    Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you.

    Eleanor Riley
    Founder of Made With Hope
    *Our income has ranged between £12,000-£30,000 since we incorporated in 2014.

  3. Hi Jon,

    I’d be interested in talking to you about help with the fundraising for my charity.

    Thank you,


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