Funding for small or new organisations

Funding for small or new organisations

Getting started with funding can feel daunting for new groups and those new to fundraising, so I thought it would be useful if I put a few resources and links together to help get you started

Awards for All – this is a great small grant scheme from the National Lottery Community Fund, with grants from £300 to £10,000. It is always my first choice for small and new groups.  It is easy to apply to and ideal for new groups – when completing the form, make sure you address all the points in the guidance, and you should have a good chance of success.


Yapp Foundation – they like small charities (income under £40,000) and will fund core costs  (£3k/ year for 3 years), but organisations must have been running for 12 months and be a charity


Oakdale Trust – for groups in Wales (especially Powys) this is a great funder with grants up to £2k , but most around £750 and will fund non charities; themes round environment, community, penal reform and art


Peoples Postcode Lottery  Trust  – has grants upto £20k, £2k for non-charities, there are a range of themes from environment to poverty and arts. It is an easy application form, and has monthly rounds (March to October)


Local Giving

Provide tools, training and advice to help local groups connect with supporters online, and can support in running an online campaign to raise £1750, giving a £250 grant when you reach your target. This is a great way to start your giving campaigns

They also run magic little grants, up to £500 for groups with an income under £250k (runs from March to October each year)


Community Foundations

There is a network of community foundations across the UK, they administer/offer a wide range of small grants. They tend to use a standard form for many of their schemes, so once you have completed one, you have most of the information to apply to others/

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