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Funding Eye offers a friendly and professional solution to your fundraising needs. With over 20 years’ experience in the third sector and fundraising I can help your organisation secure the income it needs to deliver and develop its services. I have a successful track record securing grants from the National Lottery Fund, and Trusts and Foundations. Last year I helped organisation secure just under £2million on projects ranging from purchasing a youth club to a youth training initiative and a mental health recovery initiative. Along with grants I am able to help develop community fundraising campaigns or establish/run a social enterprise.

I can help you to:

  • Increase and diversify you fundraising income
  • Plan your ongoing fundraising strategy
  • Review and evaluate your service
  • Plan and prepare new projects and initiatives


My approach

We make decisions with our heart and back this up with our head. This is the approach I take in applications, identifying the personal and individual needs within a community and then using hard evidence to back this up to build a compelling case for support

I feel that a consultant’s role is not simply to undertake the work and present it back to the group, I prefer, and get better results working with the group. After all you know the community/ clients better than most so are best placed to help build the case for support. My strengths lie in listening to what you and your community/ service users need and asking you the questions to draw out the information to make a strong application.

Fundraising should not begin and end with the application; this is only the final stage; the important element of a strong application is in the preparation; ensuring that the project offers the right solution to the community. Therefore, my starting point with all groups is to clearly identify what is the change you want to bring about, and how do you know this change is needed (opposed to ‘we need funding for this post/ worker’).  This then provides a foundation to build the case for support, focusing on the change your work will bring.

I will help you identify key selling points of your work/ organisation that makes you stand out from similar applications that are made. A common fault I see in many bids is talking generically about the problems of a clinet group. A stronger bid will talk about the specific problems, not only showing you understand the community, but also making the application more personal and passionate to the reader.

Alongside fundraising I also undertake evaluations and feasibility studies which provide useful information to strengthen future funding initiatives. I have worked as a grant assessor for European Grants, so I also understand applications from the funders perspective.

2 comments on Funding Eye

  1. I run a voluntary organisation called HURT i started HURT 18 years ago we work with people with addiction, because of the nature of our work funding is not easy to get, we do not get government funding, but work with people that the statuary bodies send to us. I would be grateful if you can help in any way.

  2. We are an voluntary organisation who work with people that are caught up in addiction, we have never had funding from the government but have worked hard to keep HURT going it would be great if you could help us out with some of your professional expertise.

    Regards Sadie

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