Frognal Trust

This is a small trust, with spending around £100k in 2015.  They like to support small charities with an interest in work around:

  • Disabled people
  • Older people
  • Young people
  • Medical Research
  • Environmental Heritage

No other specific guidance is provided, their charity commission entry is here

Mrs Susan Hickley
Frognal Trust
Wilson Solicitors LLP
Alexandra House
St John’s Street

Tel: 01722 427536
E-Mail: su*********@wi********.com

4 comments on Frognal Trust

  1. We re a residential care home based in Beaconsfield-Bradbury House, a member of the Abbeyfield Beaconsfield Society. We also a run a day care centre for the benefit of our 41 residents and a small number of day care attendees. We are about to embark on a major refurbishment of our Activity Centre with a view to increasing the number of day care places in the community from five per day to twelve per day. The project is set to begin in mid June with completion planned for March22. We have internal finance and bank overdraft facilities in place but are seeking support through grants also from trust such as yours. Please could you advise as to our eligibility for applying to you.

  2. We are a small community led organisation which manages a nature reserve created on a former colliery waste site. This is called The Eco Park and it was developed as a necessary asset in a deprived community. We made it for the protection of the flora and fauna that exist there and for the benefit of the local people; promoting the health benefits of usage of the park, and for recreational use and lifelong learning about the environment. We wish to provide training opportunities for volunteers , to improve their countryside management skills and improve their job opportunities. We are seeking funding towards a converted container to act as an office/ educational facility. We have money set aside for this purpose ,but are asking for a small grant to help us with our aim. Are we eligible?

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