DWF Charitable Foundation

One-off grants are available to registered charities in the UK for projects that address issues of homelessness, employability, education, health and well being, and environment and sustainability.

The Foundation provides funds, resources and support to help communities ‘achieve their full potential’ and focuses on the issues of homelessness, health and wellbeing, employability, education, the environment and sustainability.

The Foundation has been set up to help with initiatives that develop and improve local communities by:

  • Tackling a specific community issue
  • Helping voluntary and community groups become more effective and efficient
  • Encouraging the involvement in the community of those too often excluded
  • Enabling young people to develop skills for the benefit of the community.

Funding is usually at the discretion of the Foundation. However, as a result of demand for funding, the maximum grant is £5,000. Running costs and salaries will only be funded if they are part of a project application.


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