D D McPhail Charitable Settlement

Mr D D McPhail set up the trust in 1973. The trust made a variety of small annual grants until his death in 1995. The trust was then significantly enlarged by a bequest from his estate in 1997.

Since then, the Settlement has mainly supported small and medium sized charities.  The objective of a grant to a charity is to enable an investment and/or step change in its activities through a relatively large award, generally over a period of 2 to 4 years. Projects should be self sustaining following the conclusion of the grant.

The trust deed specifies three key areas of preference in the UK around

  • furtherance of medical research,
  • care of the disabled particularly disabled children, and
  • care of the aged and infirm

However, there is a wider discretion given to the trustees to support other charitable activities in the UK. They made grants of £150,000 in 2014/15

There have also been a low number of smaller grants to causes supported by the founder and the trustees.

Trustees identify potential projects for assessment by the Executive Director. There is more information about grant projects that we have supported in the annual accounts filed at the Charity Commission. We are a small grant making charity with one part time worker so please note that the Trustees make no commitment to respond to unsolicited applications

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