Coop Foundation

Co-op Foundation 

They recently launched a new five-year strategy, called ‘Building communities of the future together’. This outlines our plan to pioneer a more co-operative way of funding organisations so they can help create future, fair communities.

The Future Communities Fund is the first round of funding under this new strategy and this will focus on supporting voluntary organisations that are building communities that are:

* Diverse, equitable and inclusive


* Prioritising youth activism, shared power and transparent governance.

These are two new Foundation strategic priorities, informed by their new vision and will offer unrestricted grants of up to £30,000 per year, for up to 5 years.

The broad aim of the programme is to help create a world of diverse and inclusive communities, where the systemic issues of inequity and injustice, especially for young people are addressed.

In order to achieve this, they are looking for eligible charitable organisations which:

  • Have an annual turnover of £250k or less
  • Have young people’s voices from all backgrounds and abilities at the core of their delivery
  • Advocate for diversity and inclusion in all areas of society
  • Actively engage with young people from diverse communities in a meaningful and inclusive way
  • Have experience of removing barriers and providing opportunities for young people
  • Have experience of delivering meaningful youth social action which supports young people into leadership roles
  • Are able to demonstrate they have experience of co-operation/collaboration


They plan to open access to our initial eligibility applications at 9am on 25 November 2022 and close at 12pm (midday) on 23 December 2022.

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