Comic Relief Tec for Good

From November 2017, Comic Relief with Paul Hamlyn Foundation is launching another UK Tech for Good funding programme. This will fund up to 12 digital projects each with grants of up to £47,000. We know that digital development requires distinct working practices and for this reason we have adapted our model of funding to also provide an intensive package of support for grantees. The projects will last for nine months and will include:

  • A two month soft development phase (July-Aug 2018)
  • An intense four month hard development phase (Sept-Dec 2018)
  • A three month launch phase (Jan-Mar 2019)

Projects must address one of our four programme areas: Empowering Women and Girls, Investing in Children and Young People, Building Stronger Communities or Improving Health and Wellbeing. For further info, see how we make grants.

The application needs a 4 minute video to describe the project instead of having lot of written information to be produced

Deadline – Wednesday 20 December

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