Comic Relief – Change Makers

This funding opportunity is about looking to the future and making a bigger change. It is looking for organisations that will make a significant contribution to their sector – for example, whether that’s forging new ways of working in the wake of COVID-19, contributing evidence that will move things forward, cross-sector collaboration which recognises the way issues intersect, or advocacy and campaigning work.

They are looking for change making efforts that are relevant to our social change themes of homelessness, forced migration, gender justice, mental health, and early childhood development.


  • small and medium-sized organisations that focus on equalities and are user-led. Your organisation must have an annual income of at least £75,000. User-led organisations are considered to be those where the majority of the leadership (i.e. at least half of senior team and trustees) are from the community(ies) the organisation serves.

  • Other medium-sized organisations based in the UK.  In this case your organisation needs to have a minimum annual income of £250,000.

  • They will not accept applications from larger organisations with annual income greater than £10 million.

20% of the available funding is ring-fenced for efforts led by and working with BAME communities 

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The proposed work must contribute to change for more than your organisation or your direct beneficiaries.

Some ways you might do this include the following – though this is not an exhaustive list:

  • working with others directly in partnership

  • creating shared learning, evidence, research

  • producing and sharing evidence of effective models of working

  • working with others to model new ways of working

The contribution can be to any forum or area that feels appropriate, for example:

  • enhance commissioning in your local area

  • provide a cross-sectoral response to issues in your local area

  • shift the understanding within your sector or allied sectors on an issue, model, approach

  • influencing communities, charities or the public sector to be more responsive and effective

  • shift policy or legislation

  • shift public attitudes

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