Coalfields Regeneration Trust- Wales

The Coalfields Regeneration Trust has been working in Wales since 1999, investing more than £16 million in community regeneration to tackle the issues that most affect the prosperity, resilience and opportunities available.

The Coalfields Community Grants Programme in Wales can award grants from £500 up to £7,000 for projects that can be completed within 12 months and can identify positive measurable outcomes for people.

Projects will need to meet one or more of the following themes to be eligible for support from the Community Grant Programme Wales:

  • Job creation and employment support – projects that create new sustainable jobs within the community, or support people into work, including addressing barriers to work such as childcare or transport.
  • Social enterprise development – projects that support the start-up, growth and development of social enterprises.
  • Skills and training – projects that develop skills for people or provide qualifications.
  • Community buildings – improvements which includes projects that reduce the energy costs of community buildings or reduce the carbon footprint of the building.
  • Tackling Poverty – projects that work with the most vulnerable people in Coalfield communities to alleviate the affect of poverty.
  • Health and well being – projects that improve the quality of life for people living in Coalfield communities with health problems, or projects that prevent negative impacts on health and well being.

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