Charles Hayward Foundation

Small Grant Programme – Social and Criminal Justice


They are looking to fund projects at a local and community level delivering an aspect, or strands, of the following sub-categories.

  • Targeted early intervention programmes aimed at reaching the most troubled and vulnerable families in a community
  • Preventative and diversionary projects for young people at risk of offending including tailored interventions identifying and addressing the particular needs of girls and young women
  • Programmes, particularly those with a focus on young offenders, combining prison based and community interventions dealing with rehabilitation of offenders, accommodation and support on release, helping with maintaining family relationships, mentoring, and mapping and creating pathways to employment
  • Programmes of support directed towards rehabilitating the victims of domestic abuse and criminal exploitation

Under this scheme grants are available up to £7000. They also have a main grant scheme for larger amounts. Application forms are available on the Foundation’s website


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