Twitter Tools – Canva and Hashtagify

These are a couple of useful (and free) tools to improve the impact and reach of tweets


Canva is a useful site that lets you very easily create images that you can add to social media posts. The big benefits of this is that images attract a lot more attention – retweets, impressions etc than posts without one.

The site is free, although many of the images /backgrounds will be charged for their use, however you can also upload your own images. It is really easy to use and in 5-10 minutes can create a simple image to attach to your posts/tweets.

To try its effectiveness I added an image to a post about this newsletter; it gained 3 retweets, more than all previous tweets without an image


Another useful site is Hashtagify. This helps you identify the most effective hashtags to use to reach the people interested in your topics. Without Hashtages you are speaking to the same people, so they are very important to help reach a wider audience.

Hashtagify, simply suggests the 10 most popular hashtags that people follow who are interested in the hashtag you use in your tweets; for instance fundraising brings up charity, start up, donate, crowdfunding. It tells you the popularity of each hashtag and how closely the hashtag relates you your hashtag.

You can then use this information to add new appropriate hashtags to future tweets

Give it a go, it is much easier than I make it sound!

A guide to Hashtagify –





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