Big Lottery – Rural programme (WALES)

The Rural Programme (Round two) is for projects that will make a positive impact on the lives of people and communities living in poverty in rural Wales. This programme will fund partnerships that understand the connection between the causes and effects of poverty, and propose solutions and services which use a joined-up approach to tackle the problem at its core.

Projects will focus on helping people who struggle to meet their basic needs or access services, who don’t have reasonable living conditions or might be isolated from others.

Successful applicants will have developed their idea by consulting current research, and will have considered how their project will integrate with existing activities and services in the area. We know that there are likely to be multiple solutions, so we’re interested in proposals that will test new approaches or combine a range of ideas to achieve the greatest impact.

Projects will be delivered by partnerships who have a collective desire to work together, find the best way to help people and create a lasting difference that goes beyond our funding. Partners may include people with lived experience of rural poverty, local organisations and services, statutory bodies, experts and researchers.

Your project will empower people to take a lead in tackling rural poverty by being:

  • People led – meaningfully involving the people and communities that will benefit from your project in its design and delivery
  • Strengths-based – making the most of, and building on, the skills and experiences of the people you’re working
  • Connected – developing good working relationships, understanding what other relevant organisations are doing in the local area and how your project will complement or add value to existing activities and services.

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