Big Lottery Fund

These are the Big  lottery Funds Vision and Principles; well worth reading to put any bids to them in the right context

Our Vision: People in the Lead

We believe people should be in the lead in improving their lives and communities. Our approach will focus on the skills, assets and energy that people can draw upon and the potential in their ideas.

We feel that strong, vibrant communities can be built and renewed by the people living in them – making them ready for anything in the face of future opportunities and challenges.

Our principles:

We will be guided in the choices we make by a set of principles:

Confidence, not control

We trust in people’s ability to make great things happen, believing that our funding should enable rather than control.

Simple processes, good judgements

We use simple, proportionate processes which enable us to make good judgements.

The strengths people bring

We start with what people can contribute, and the potential in their idea.

A catalyst for others

We listen to, learn from, act on and facilitate the things that matter to people, communities and our partners.

Shared direction, diverse approaches

We value the diversity of communities we work with across the UK, are consistent in the quality and opportunities we offer, and support people to tackle inequalities.

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