Biffa Award – Main Grants Programme

Grants are available for not-for-profit organisations to improve the quality of life and foster vibrancy in communities located within the vicinity of a Biffa operation (

The deadline for Expression of Interest forms is 6 November 2017; and 28 February 2018 (midday).

Recreation grants are available to support projects which will benefit people within their free time. Many projects under this theme also have elements of the other three themes within them; Biffa Award tends to receive more applications under this theme than others. As of May 2017 they will no longer fund sporting facilities- This includes but is not limited to: cricket nets, floodlights, bowling greens,  other pitch groundwork

Biffa Award applications are a two stage process.

Stage One: Expression of Interest

Stage Two: Full application

The full application is then considered by the Biffa Award Board. The Biffa Award Board meets three times annually.  At each meeting the Board considers applications from two of the three project themes, with each theme being considered twice annually.

The deadline for Stage One: Expression of Interest forms, is one month prior to the Stage Two application deadline, to be considered at the Board meeting.

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