Austin and Hope Pilkington Trust

The Austin and Hope Pilkington Trust has a 3 years rotating grants programme that priorities different themes each year.

This year is is 2015: Community and Medical (research and non-research),. Medical research is only for mental health. For Medical non- research, priority will be given to projects mental health

2016: Children and Youth and for 2017: Music and the Arts; the Elderly.

Grant are made between £1000 and £3000 (ocassionaly larger for medical) for 1 year. Only Registered charities working in the UK can apply and priority is given to national projects.

There are 2 deadlines Monday 1 June and Sunday 1 November.

There is a long list of exclusions which includes: Overseas projects, c Capital appeals, schools, Minibuses, scouts/guides

The application form is available on the Trust’s website.