Ashworth Charitable Trust

The Ashworth Charitable Trust is a small grant-making charity that primarily supports registered charities undertaking humanitarian causes locally, nationally or internationally that share the Trust’s vision and underlying principles. The Trust’s underlying principles are:

  • The oneness of humanity.
  • The establishment of true justice.
  • The paramount importance of education for all.
  • The need to address the situation of the very poor and of those at the margins of society.
  • That all people everywhere should be able to share the fruits of and be empowered to participate in the construction of a just, prosperous and sustainable society.
  • That to achieve these aims, it is necessary to build the capacity of individuals, communities and institutions.

Grants are usually made for up to £3,000. In exceptional circumstances grants may be awarded up to £5,000. Priority is given to smaller charities.  Applications are made online on the Trust’s website:


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