ASDA Foundation

ASDA offer capital grants to charities and not-for-profit organisations in the UK for local projects that:

  • benefit the wider community,
  • address local needs and,
  • make a significant difference to the local community.

The Asda Foundation wants to have a strong reputation for managing, co-ordinating and delivering programmes which really make a significant difference to local communities and the people who live there.

  • identified opportunities, initiatives and new ways to support local communities;
  • charity/good cause has developed a relationships with local the local store or home office at a grassroots level
  • Tackling the underlying problems in your local community
  • can apply evidence from programmes of community needs and aspirations to develop their existing model;
  • Benefits the wider community and is not just supporting a single user group
  • There is a need for this facility locally
  • Will make a real long term difference
  • Would Transform your community, improving the lives of those who live there

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