2023 Asda Foundation: Empowering Local Communities Grant Programme (UK)

Asda Foundation’s goal is to build resilient communities by empowering local groups to make a positive difference, addressing local challenges and social needs. They aim to achieve this by provide funding to local grassroots community groups to enable them to meet the diverse needs of their community and to help them thrive and grow.

The minimum  is £400 per grant with a maximum £1,600 per grant.

They look for the following in the groups supported:

  • True to their community mission
    • Organisations which are clear on what they aim to achieve and consistently strive towards achieving it.
  • People Centred
    • They are people focused and place individuals at the heart of what they do and why they do it. They promote equality, inclusivity, and diversity.
  • Efficiently Run
    • A well run and organised group with processes in place to comply with not-forprofit requirements and have the skills and ability to do what they aim to achieve.
  • Locally Focused
    • The space is focused on the local community, delivering services and support to multiple beneficiaries and tackle the needs locally adapting to change to remain relevant.


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