1910 Trust

Small Grants Scheme with up to a maximum of £5,000 available. Applications are invited from appropriate groups and community organisations.

Who can apply

Your organisation is eligible to apply for a small grant – to a maximum of £5,000 if it meets the criteria set out below:

  • You are one of the groups listed as meeting our mission aims
  • Your target beneficiaries are among those we seek to help
  • You detail your evidence of need for the project
  • Your project delivers on one or more of our outcomes
  • Your project will be delivered within the geographic area
  • Your project costs are eligible
  • Confirmation of the amount of financial support already received or pledged towards the overall cost
  • You can provide details of any appropriate accreditations
  • You can provide details/expenditure to be funded including a full cost breakdown
  • You agree to provide a quarterly update on project outcomes


The core area to be served by the Trust is the South Wales region.

It will not normally consider applications from any profit making organisation.

How to apply

All applications are to be made through The 1910 Trust website or the “Get More Information” button.

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