Lloyds Bank Foundation

New Deaf and Disabled people’s organisations programme


The programme is open until 5pm on Wednesday 28th August.


This programme is aimed at registered charities and CICs which are led by and working for Deaf and Disabled people. Your organisation will work directly with Deaf and Disabled people over the long term to support them to have more choice and control over their lives, access their rights and entitlements and challenge the barriers they face.

Your work will be based on a social model of disability and you will be able to show how this understanding shapes the work that you do, and enables people to have their voices heard.

Successful applicants will receive a grant of £75,000, over three years (£25,000 per year). The grant will be unrestricted, so organisations awarded funding will be able to use the grant to support any costs that further your organisation’s social purpose.

Note some key things to note for this year:

  • The programme is now open to CICs as well as charities.
  • Our definition of led by and for means that the majority (at least 51%) of your Directors / Trustees and half (at least 50%) of staff, at all levels in your organisation, self identify as Deaf and/ or Disabled People.  (Note: We will prioritise funding organisations where at least 75% of your Directors /Trustees and 50% of staff self identify as Deaf and / or Disabled people.)

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