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Funding Eye offers a range of fundraising training and a mentioning service to improve and develop your organisations fundraising skills and knowledge. The courses below are half day sessions but can be tailored to your need

    Contact me if you are interested and I will make sure I let you know when Im running a session.


    An introduction to CrowdFunding
    For those new to Crowdfunding this course will provide you with the help to get started; from finding the right platform, to planning your campaign and strategies to help make your campaign a success

    Benefits: Participant will know if Crowdfunding is right for their project and have the confidence to run their own crowdfunding appeal; be able to select an appropriate platform and know what some of the key factors are in running a successful campaign

    Earning more online
    The internet has long promised to be the new Holy Grail in fundraising, but whilst there are some excellent successes, for many small charities the benefits have not been so great. There is also the potential to spend a lot of time and effort (and sometimes money) to attract donations with little or no benefit. This course will provide information on a number of online tools (focusing on free ones) that can help you firstly engage with people online and then encourage them to support and donate towards your work.

    Benefits: Participants will know the benefits and limitations of online fundraising, be offered a model to help them develop their engagement with audiences and maximise their opportunity to generate income


    Psychology of Giving and persuasive writing techniques  
    We make decisions based upon emotion and use evidence to justify our decision. This course is designed to help participants understand what the factors are that influence these emotional decisions and how we can use this information in funding applications.

    Benefits: Participants will be able to make stronger funding applications having a better understanding of what motivates people to give/ support a cause

    Other training available:

    A fundraisers toolkit
    This is a short session through which I share many of the tips and tools I have picked up in 15 years of fundraising. Ideal for those new to fundraising.

    Big Lottery

    Awards for All – a short course to help complete this application form, intended for people with little fundraising experience

    People and Places / Reaching Communities – Another short course to get people started in completing these longer lottery application forms.


    For more personalised support I offer 1:1 support for staff. I provide telephone and email support to help develop your fundraising. I can comment upon and read through applications to give constructive feedback and help you plan your funding strategy.



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