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Asset Based Community Development 

More and more funders are looking the the ABCD model in funding: big Lottery being one of the latest major funders to want this demonstrated in their applications.

Asset-based community-driven development (ABCD) is built on four foundations

  1. It focuses on community assets and strengths rather than problems and need
  2. It identifies and mobilises individual and community assets, skills and passion
  3. It is community driven – ‘building communities from the inside out
  4. It is relationship driven.

It provides a very positive way in which to frame applications and the work that is being delivered.

Id would begin by identifying the assets within the organisation/community you work with – physical assets as well as human and intellectual. Basically all the good things you have got going for you; from active volunteers, good engagement with the community to a building or vehicle. Make sure you include what are the strengths of the people you are working with.

Identify the challenges the community faces. And not just the challenge but how these challenges impact upon peoples lives; people may have low incomes but how does this affect their well-being, service they access, isolationetc. Also consider anything that has changed in the community and why you may need help now. Finally what makes you unique in the challenges faced. Try and focus on up to 5 challenges, if you have too many it can look as if you are trying to do too much and it becomes hard to focus on key problems

How will you use the assets you have to address these challenges? How do you plan to use / develop / make the most of an asset. Will the asset make a difference of the challenges you have identified; if not why are you doing it? Are there strengths within the community that you are not yet using? how can these be developed?

If your interested in this and want to have a chat about how you can use it in your organisation please contact me

Social Return on Investment – this is a bit of a side issue but also an interesting thing to consider. SROI helps organisations focus on its assets and identify what beneficiaries see as the real benefits and priorities o the work;; matching this to the ABCD approach could give you really strong opportunities to build on your assets to create service that have the maximum impact on users.




Below I’ve started to build a list of useful links to sites for more information and ideas


Useful links

  •  Tool kit –
  • Training videos –

Asset Based Community Development (ABCD)


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