Funding support for the third sector

The Guide to New Trusts 2017/18

It includes over 100 new funders, registered with the Charity Commission or the Scottish Charity Regulator in 2016/17, whose giving criteria are general enough to be relevant to the greatest number of charities. At a glance you can find the details of each new grant-maker, their aims and objectives, the kinds of project they fund and their app [...]

Essential things you need to know abo...

1) There is no significant charity exemption to data protection or marketing law. Maybe there should be. There isn’t. 2) The ends never legalise the means. 3) If a donor or other individual does not understand what you are doing with their personal data, the practical effect is that you can’t do it, whatever it is. The same is true for consen [...]

Applying behavioural insights to char...

I’ve been interested in psychology and giving for some time now; this paper from Behavioural Insights Team show how smalls actions ‘nudges’ can make significant improvement to the number of people who give. This paper celebrates the generosity of the UK public, and explores new and innovative ways of increasing charitable g [...]

It’s time to transform financial repo...

Interesting Blog from Joe Saxton at NFP Synergy… Have you ever tried choosing which charities to donate to by looking at their financial performance? Did you find what you needed easily? nfpSynergy research shows that the top three barriers to giving are centred around how charities spend their money. Yet, despite the common practice of [...]

NFU Mutual Charitable Trust

Grants for rural areas up to £30,000, with some preference for projects making national impact. Objectives include: To advance the education of the public by means of research and dissemination of information in relation to agriculture To advance the education of young people within rural areas To relieve poverty within rural areas To promot [...]

Wakeham Trust (small grants)

They  like to help projects that are small scale and would find it hard to get funding from big trusts. Grants from £125 to £2500. They prefer orgs with no paid staff They  almost never make contributions to large appeals, such as for buildings or minibuses. In general, they look at what it is costing per-head to reach the people the project [...]

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